Author and aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart (July 24, 1897 - disappeared without trace in 1937) once said "Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture." and there are few ventures where this is truer than in catering. We believe it can be safely said that when you are running a catering business, the vast majority of your time is spent on preparing food in readiness for cooking. Potato Peeling and Chipping Take the tedious tasks of peeling and chipping potatoes, for instance. Done by hand, these tasks are exceptionally time consuming, taking your time away from other, perhaps more pressing duties. By investing in potato peelers and choppers from Maestro Catering Equipment Ireland, you can reduce the time needed to perform these long-winded (and often thoroughly hated) tasks in no time at all, leaving you free to get on with other jobs or perfect your newly invented culinary delights. Catering Equipment Ireland Peelers Our Catering Equipment Ireland range includes potato peelers and chippers suitable for both small and large catering operations. Lincat LPP35 Compact LPP35 The Lincat LPP35 Compact, for example, is the perfect peeler for small to medium kitchens. Hygienic and easy to maintain, this multi-purpose peeler measures just W650 mm x D380 mm x H425 mm and operates very quietly. Featuring safety features including a safety interlock that stops operation on removal of the cylinder, this effective little peeler has a maximum fill-capacity of 3.5 kg and will turn out 35 kg of neatly peeled potatoes an hour. Lincat LPP250

On the wall outside the Baker & Cook Cafe on Hillcrest Rd, Singapore, you will find the statement "One of the most important ingredients in creating exceptional bakery products is FUN! Make sure you always add an extra measure of that into your baking." When you are 'slaving' over a hot oven, this may sound a lot easier to say than it is to do. Maestro Catering Supplier Ireland However, by using labour-saving devices and state-of-the-art ovens from Maestro Catering Supplier Ireland, you can create outstanding bakery products while still having the time to add that vital element of fun into the mix. Getting Prepared mixer Mixing, kneading and proofing your dough for bread, pizza and yeast-based cakes, for instance, can be extremely time consuming and strenuous. Bakery equipment designed to minimise both time and effort available from Maestro Catering Supplier Ireland includes, for instance, the:
  • Maestro MPM 20 (3-Speed: 91, 164 and 294 RPM) and DPM 30 (98 to 300 RPM variable speed) Planetary Mixers
  • Maestro MSM 30 Spiral Kneader
  • BFC Roll-In Retarder-Proofer and the
  • BFE Final Proofer